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An UnQuiet Mind

January 31, 2008


Dwelling in a hovel, paying rent to a slug. I never expected to be living the dream, but even the dream where I go to work naked and get eaten by my childhood rabbit would be preferable to the reality right now. I really hope reincarnation is real. I promise not to fuck the next […]

Do you Remember the First Time?

January 26, 2008


“Hi Mr. Drayton, can I come in?” I smiled weakly, pushing my handbag back over my shoulder, hoping the request wouldn’t be turned down. Mr. Drayton took some time to answer. He glanced up and down the street, a little perplexed. He looked back at me, seeming surprised to see my eyes still fixed on […]

Fashions’ Nightingale

January 24, 2008


Feeling a little bit like Cinderella right now. All the other Fashionistas have flocked to Paris for haute Couture week, and none of them are remotely as fabulous as me. What is fabulous, is this:   It’s just so prurrdy! I could flounce and float about for hours in this, with a teeny bit of […]


January 22, 2008


I’ll be waiting for you. When you’re hard at work I’ll be prettying myself for when you become free. I’ll take a long slow soak in the tub, cover every inch of me with my fingers, slowly. Continued here

The Eyes on the Train

January 16, 2008


The tall dark-haired beauty had glided down the escalator, weaved snakelike through the crowd, irritated by each of the little people endlessly surrounding her. Public transport was unfamiliar to her, she was used to taking taxis, yet despite the crowd she was able to avoid the usual bumps and sidesteps. Confidence in her beauty empowered […]


January 13, 2008


Carrie stood at the edge of the crowd, nervously pushing her hair back over her ear, her face pretty but anxious. She looked down at herself, checking her clothes one last time as the noise of the crowd, mostly teenage boys, grew. She stood on her toes, stretching up to see above the sea of […]

Homesick & Homeless

January 12, 2008


     Feeling homesick in your own hometown is sickening. This is my World right now. The tuning-out-of-everyday-conversation-thing chimes with me in particular. Chimes with me like a drum ‘n’ bass Big-fucking-Ben, in fact. The way some people witter and complain and blame so inanely makes violent imagery swim through my brain. I want to be left […]