Sticky Fingers, a Sunday Morning Muse

Posted on 5 January, 2008


     Last night was a ridiculously heavy one where even the angel on my shoulder was shouting “drink! drink!” This morning I’m paying the price, but I’m coping with it as classily as ever, (Why the fuck is the bloody sun shining so fucking brightly??


My head pounding has set me off on a little wandering wondering though. I mean, if “they” made a doughnut that didn’t make your fingers all sticky, “they” would get very rich don’t you think? Or is it just me? Am I alone in wanting to explode with irrational rage?

      Bizarre thing is, I never worry about the sticky finger thing WHILE I’m eating the doughnut, it’s only after I’ve finished that I become aware of something not quite right with my part of the World. By which I mean my fingers. The fact they’re sticky. You have to keep up people.

I guess that’s just the awesome power of doughnuts, ne?