American Idol: Road to the White House

Posted on 8 January, 2008


     The race for the White House is absolutely gripping, already, and I’m not even American. I don’t know if politics is becoming more like reality tv, or vice-versa, but if young people are to be encouaged to vote it wouldn’t seem a bad idea to put them all inside a big brother style house and let them all bicker and preen. Mitt Romney and Rudy Guiliani arguing over who left the tea towel all soggy? Obama and Edwards snickering behind Hillary’s back and calling each other “dude”? It would be fascinating tv. We wouldn’t learn  anything about their policies, but we would find out who was the best cook, what music they like, and how they look first thing in the morning. Ya know, the important stuff. The stuff we’re finding out about from the news now.

     Naturally anything too political would get cut. It would be unfair to make the audience think for themselves when it’s all so confusing. Plus, confused people change channels and you just gotta make sure those ratings don’t drop.

     Not that I ought be too sarky – I am lapping it up like everyone else. I just think we all ought to be a little more honest with ourselves. The intricacies of foreign policy? The complexities of the economy? Or the vague feeling you get from a nice soundbite and a fake smile? We’re all busy bees and usually end up choosing from the latter. If we’re gonna be so simple lets go a little wild is all I’m saying. Next leader of the Democratic party is whoever can stand on this log the longest without falling off. Next Republican leader is the guy who can eat the most vile, disgusting bug. Simple.

Oh but wait, did I just condone cannabalism with that last idea?