Fashions’ Nightingale

Posted on 24 January, 2008


Feeling a little bit like Cinderella right now. All the other Fashionistas have flocked to Paris for haute Couture week, and none of them are remotely as fabulous as me. What is fabulous, is this:


It’s just so prurrdy! I could flounce and float about for hours in this, with a teeny bit of sashaying thrown in too perhaps. And when I got tired I could just crawl into my own delicately divine sleeves…


This is another Gautier. It’s like Bohemian Business-Chic and the hat is ultra-fabulous. Am resisting the urge to stroke the screen.


Am now stroking the screen. The harshness of those bangles so perfectly compliments the frailty of those wispy layers. Gorgeously elegant. It’s just not fair the model in this picture gets to wear this dress AND have those cheekbones.


Armani again. I love how deceptively simple but daring this is. Like a futuristic 1940s or something. But anyway, one more, and hold your breathe…


Lacroix. Fabulous, ne? I know, when I look at this dress, that there has been a terrible, terrible mistake, and that I was supposed to have been born in 18th century France. As a noblewoman of the Court. With the finest silks, the richest foods and the sturdiest footmen in all the Kingdom. J’adore, j’adore, j’adore. Luv it.