Body of a Swan, Head of a Vulture

Posted on 19 March, 2008


Anne Coulter – enriches every debate like a turd in a water-cooler. Has there ever been a more wretched mis-use of oxygen? I don’t want to bash America – it’s the land of the free and free re-fills after all – but surely something is broken somewhere when people buy her books? Shampoo commercials, possibly – I do feel the need to shower after hearing her, (I really do!) – but books?

It isn’t her views, as abhorrent as I find them, that bother me. It’s the blindingly obvious, compellingly stark, elephant-with-a-big-red-target-painted-on-it’s-ass clarity of the fact – She isn’t very clever. There aren’t any considered thought processes behind those witch-on-a-sunbed features, just the glowering, vicious petulance of a child.

It would be nice to dismiss Ms Coulter. It would be utterly fabulous to throw her off a cliff. (Remembering to climb down afterward and lop her head off to be on the safe side), but the fact is, people read her words and find something – I am cringing as I type this – appealing in her. How can someone so ill-informed, so quick to judge, so keen to spew nonsense and hate be a poster girl for half the Country?

Mitt Romney is right (God help us!) Washington is Broken, and the trashy lack of class that is Miss Coulter is the first bit of scrap that should be thrown out.