God doesn’t need evidence

Posted on 19 March, 2008


“The Bible is the word of God. Why? Because, the Bible says that the Bible is the word of God”.

There is no evidence , there is only faith, and so good Christians may proudly state:

“I believe in something for which there is absolutely no evidence”.

What about Evolution?

Sure, it’s a cumulative process which breaks down the problem of improbability into smaller pieces But, not all of the stages of Evolution have been accounted for. Accepting a theory with all those gaps in it as fact would be like convicting a man of murder when you know:

2230: Driving to victim’s house. 2300 Standing over dead victim holding an axe.

But you don’t know:

2240 What radio station was he listening to?

Sure, the fossil records we have tell a compelling story,  but what about the gaps? Making a case for Evolution with all these gaps would be like trying to understand “War & Peace” with 50 random pages torn out.

So again: “I believe in something for which there is absolutely no evidence”.

There is the possibility that the origin of life is something we have not yet discovered but may do some day. This is what atheists believed until Evolution came along. Nowadays most atheists are just very smug.


Confession time: I’m an atheist. I came from nothing and one day I’m going back to nothing, but in between that I’m looking forward to living the rest of my life because being alive really is kinda fab. If there is a purpose for life I favour:

“People are DNA’s way of making more DNA”
And you know, to say there is no God does not a bleak universe make. Can’t we live for our own happiness? Can’t we still care about the World enough to want to change some things in it? Can’t we just live for ourselves and the ones we love, rather than living for a made up god?

Love life and enjoy it while you can.

I’ve had the blind luck to have been born, and every moment I’m here is precious. I’m not wasting my time worrying about the words of a book written 2000 years ago, by men living 300 years after the events described, carefully edited and selected and translated through several different languages by people with an agenda. Neither am I worshipping or fighting for a God for whom there is no evidence.

A God may exist. Unicorns maybe too. There isn’t any evidence for either so the likelihood is pretty much the same. 

So, my advice, which may be taken or thrown away is this:

Don’t waste your precious time over something you cannot know and almost certainly doesn’t exist. Believe in those things you have evidence for – you and those you love, and love your life while you can.

Oh, and have a fabulously gorgeous day.