President Obama/President McCain

Posted on 19 July, 2008


After enthusiasticaly voting for the chance to have a black President, Americans now seem to have cooled on the idea of actually having one. That said, Mr Obama hardly helped his cause this week. For what the thoughts of a slightly tipsy Brit matter, I thought the New Yorker cover was quite blah. It mocked the absurd idea that the Presidential candiate is a terrorist in disguise and his wife a black panther activist straight out of a Quentin Tarantino movie. Unfortunately for the New Yorker, here’s the thing:

Some people genuinely think that.

For Obama this was a bit of a trick missed. Here was an opportunity to show he has a little humour, to show the absurdity of the very notion of him being a terrorist by not taking it seriously. A well-scripted “off the cuff” remark about it being ” a joke no-one’s gonna take seriously” or a line like “Well, I like what they did with my hair” may well have killed a few headlines while endearing the candidate to the public.

Sadly for Barack his campaign staff is lacking in a permanently tipsy and/or crazy blogging Brit (Me) to inform him of this and so instead his campaign team disasterously took the high ground, further cementing the image of Barack as elite, perpetuating the stereotype of black people being touchy and over-sensitive and worst of all – giving credence to the idea that the New Yorker cover could be interpreted as fact. Here’s a scary thing, of course:

Some people think the New Yorker cover is factual.

Let’s face it though, the people who think Obama suspect because his middle name is Hussain, who think him unpatriotic because he disn’t wear a badge, these people are unlikely to swing toward Obama, and absolutely certain never, ever to swing. Laugh about the New Yorker cover and 90% of the electorate will think “Obama doesn’t care, I guess it is kinda dumb”. The 10% who think “Darlene, get off the porch and come skin this racoon, it ain’t safe out thar with those Communist bred fireflys, and that Obama is a terroroist too” don’t really matter. (Unless they live next door to you).

Of course, as the Hollies famously told us, the road is long with many a winding turn and Obama can still win the election. Just, call me cynical (I’ve been called a lot worse) but I worry about the Democratic candiate suffering like Liberals before him and being trounced by the Straight talk Express riding McCain. Old people do love buses, don’t they?

Anyway, the red wine is gone and so therefore so am I. Hope anyone who reads me regularly has missed me, and read the post below this one, it’s much better.