Bits and pieces and things and stuff

Posted on 9 September, 2008


Such a lazy lady I’ve been but such is life when life is so lovely. I’m sure everything will go tits up crappy again soon and I’ll be back to blogging and sobbing, but for now occasional posts is the best I can do.

The best I can do isn’t as fab as this admittedly.

I also came across this little story and found it even more disturbing than the fact I’ve now read something from the Daily Mail. I particularly like the “Sometimes I have fat days” line. It might be due to the fact that basically sweetie, you’re fat.

I don’t say that purely to be spiteful, I just find it troubling that someone who is palpably overweight and clearly unhealthy can be held up as a rolemodel for her appearance. Voluptuous is a fab little word but it doesn’t apply to Ms Marshall. The same goes for curvy. Rotund and blobby would be more appropriate.

Jamie Oliver got into some hot soup recently for suggesting French food is better than British cuisine. (Although this is blatantly true there are a large number of Daily Mail readers who regard describing the French as better than the English at anything to be an offense deserving of hanging). I mention it as it suggests to me something rotten at the heart of British life. And I’m not just talking about the smell of black pudding. No-one should aspire to be a size 16.

Anyway, there’s another Sex & the City on tv, time to be a lazy lady again…