A River that runs through Egypt

Posted on 16 September, 2008


The scent of Chanel is actually whale shit, the partially undigested beaks of squids. As someone who would happily bathe in Chanel but wouldn’t be so keen on diving into a pool of partially digested squid beak this is a truth I’d rather not face up to. Sadly, not accepting a truth doesn’t make it any less true, something the author of this blog might like to think about.

The picture on the blog, surprisingly not drawn with crayons, was defended by the author with the following: “The picture is saying that it is nonsense to believe that we came from a pool of slime or a rock or whatever evolutionists believe”. (emphasis added by me). Now, call me a crazy lady who covers herself in half eaten sealife but wouldn’t it be sensible to understand something before rejecting it? Wouldn’t it be honest to do so?

Evolution is supported by a weight of evidence in various fields and is accepted as fact by all those who don’t place their faith in bronze age script writers. It doesn’t even invalidate the God theory yet millions not only refuse to accept it but fail to try to even understand. I’d love to know, what’s so wrong with Evolution?



Now, before the usual posts about natural selection being all about chance, Evolution being only a theory, etc, etc, (both in the same group as “Gonzo was an ant-eater” for outstanding wrongness) let me make a point. I’d like to hear why people are so opposed to Evolution. Is it fear?  The proliferation of misinformation and lies? Inadequate teaching methods? The human mind prefering made up truths to reality? Or is it simply the difficulty of believing someone as mesmerizingly gorgeous as me could ever evolve any better?

Looking forward to hearing from anyone who wants to understand