Unevolved Minds

Posted on 17 September, 2008


To steal from a greater mind than mine, why is it Creationists always seem so unevolved? Ambling around online has led me to a blogger who, for what he lacks in humanity makes up in spades in breathtaking ignorance and sliminess.

An example from said blog:

“The United States of America is a Christian Nation, and should therefore not be so kind to rape victims. After all, as rape victims are nearly always promiscuous, they bear at least part of the blame for the actions committed against them. Requiring women to wear ankle length dresses and bonnets, so as to reduce the flowing of hair, are the first step to reducing rape. The second step is to stop persecuting men in our society, and instead give them their Biblically ordained rights.”

It strikes me the greatest persecuter of men here is the blogger himself, labeling men as animals unable to control their base needs unless the women’s hair be covered with a pretty bonnet. Perhaps I’m unfair though. Perhaps I’m the victim of a very cleverly written parody of right-wing neanderthal hate. Or maybe the blogger just has a bit of a bonnet fetish.

Contemplating the skin-crawlingly creepiness of this poster is a little depressing, I feel sure he must leave a sticky snail-like residue wherever he goes.  However, how many men are as cripplingly insecure as this blogger, fearing and hating women in equal part, (and presumably doing something nasty over their prize bonnet collection simutaneously?). I believe the only “men” with attitudes like this boy-blogger are the ones who are actually capable of rape themselves, but a little voice at the back of my mind, the one that makes me buy so many shoes, wonders if it might be different, a worrying thought indeed.

Hilariously, the blog contains a link to bonnet wearing harlots.com something called “men’s rights online” which seeks to expose feminists and address the persecution of men by vicious females who refuse to cover their ankles. Who knew domestic violence was women’s fault?

Oh, and best to say: I’m certainly aware that Mr Persecution is no Christian and I would not dare judge a whole community based on one individual’s shortcomings. Although, that said, I might not call back that guy who asked me the kind of hats I like to wear…