Oba-Mania & Mr. McSame

Posted on 3 November, 2008


It’s got to feel pretty terrible to potentially kill your nephew’s chances of the White House, a feeling I can well understand. Hard it will be for me to forget the horror of vomiting at my little nieces nativity play. The shocked intake of breathe and “Is that your Auntie Lucy over there covered in sick?” comments from the pretty little darlings will live long in the memory.

Not that I’m suggesting a nativity play is as important as a national election, (though for the benefit of all my Utah based fans, the former does have Jesus in it), but the same sense of “Oh my God, what have I done, why did I drink Tequila from a hot water bottle?” applies. You have to feel sympathy for Zeituni Onyango, (aside from my Utah fans natch; as a poor black woman she is of course deserving of nothing but contempt). Fortunately though, I don’t think it’s the October Surprise that John McCain was hoping for. Who, incidentally, looks more and more like the Grouch from Sesame Street everyday.

I still think it’s gonna be tighter than the boob tubes I wore when I was 20 though. Ever since the campaign began (back in 1551) I’ve been expecting a Mr. Magoo Mr McCain victory. Right now it looks like Obama, it ought to be Obama but I’m not as convinced as some. Inquests into the Republicans failure have already began which just makes me wonder what the fallout might be if the Democrats presumed night of nights fails to materialise.

So I’m hedging my bets. Always thought McCain would win. Leaning toward Obama but don’t wanna tempt fate. Think it’s gonna be close. And definately gotta get my nails done.