Thankyou Sarah Palin

Posted on 8 November, 2008


If I believed in a benevolent God I’d probably thank her for Sarah Palin. Contrary to popular belief there are a number of sane Republicans who may have considered voting for McCain had it not been for the possibility of an ill-informed moose hunter becoming the President. Even McCain aides have started to reveal the fear that gripped the camp and all kinds of craziness is now coming out in the wash.

On reflection, it really was a terrible choice. Sure, it did consolidate the yokel vote, but the members of that group who are able to find the right end of the pen would never have opted for Obama anyways. It also utterly destroyed one of the McCain camps main attacks, that Barack Obama was too inexperienced.

And so she’s hightailed it back to Alaska and hopefully obscurity. I highly doubt she’ll still be the Belle of the right in four years time and any Republicans hoping to regain power ought to feel the same. Palin needs a huge amount of work to make her even a credible Presendential candidate and there’ll be stiff competition from much stronger candidates then too.

Vintage Virtual Girl

Still, that’s four years and a whole Obama term away, so for now I’ll just say: Thankyou Sarah Palin, y’all take care, y’hear?