Advance,Retreat 18+

Eyes glanced up from the poolside as the pair passed by the palm trees, long slender legs and graceful strides, sun-kissed bodies on display. 

The rays beat down on the clear water where men shielded their eyes watching the smooth motion of lithe bodies move. Splashes and quiet chatter were all that disturbed the tranquil scene as the girls shed skirts and skimpy tops. 

They lay down in the hazy glare of the heat, their breasts in bikinis resting heavily and round. All around them men lay hardening in the heat.    

 At last they lay down, motionless for the most part save the occasional languid jerk or twist. In the minds of those men around them each gesture was replayed endlessly. Every quick slight adjustment of bikini top or bottom was extended until, inside each man’s mind, the girls were naked. Each brief movement of their bodies became more pronounced, and acted out under the weight of that man’s body. Unknown to the ladies themselves they were already engaged in an act in their audiences’ imagination they very much hoped to engage in for real.


Having remained still for some time they answered their admirers unspoken wish by rising, exchanging glances and tentatively entering the pool. Men watched their bodies slowly lower into the water, hardly disturbing it’s smooth serenity. Their flat stomaches and heaving breasts disappeared under the waterline and almost immediately their privacy was pleasantly disturbed by a beachball tossed slyly in their direction. It was returned along with the beginnings of a conversation, and the game that ensued was jealously observed by males all around.

     Very soon two couples had drifted together, playful, alluring, admiring one another’s bodies.  The dark haired girl dived down, turned underwater and swam quickly between his legs, making sure to brush up against his inner thighs as she did so. When she emerged to the surface behind him he had already turned around, lips wide in a smile and breathless. The heat hung over them harder as they swam in circles, closer. The day’s last sunshine spent idling in the pool, the act of seduction stretched out like their bodies atop the water.

     Tanned and tantalizing, they slipped away to the jetty to take a boat. The sun silently slided away having given it’s heat to the girls who in turn passed it to the boatman, a burly Hawaiian, wide and strong. They stood close to him and listened. Held their glasses high in delicate hands. Smiled when he hoped they might smile. Lay on the deck, stretched and writhed. In time, the blonde sashayed away, waiting to be found in the little cabin, her back to the door, steadying herself against the little table, and when he found her she beckoned him close.

     He rolled a little with the swaying of the boat as he followed her coquettish eyes and came closer. Primly, she slipped the little skirt free, bent forward across the table, the still damp bikini briefs taut against her skin. Perfume like breath softly slipped from her lips as his bear like hands groped her bottom. He growled gravely, flipped her over and pushed her down. Took her by her ankles and dragged her writhing and panting toward him. Her yelp dissolved into a cat-like purr as he found her sex and slid within. He pumped his cock into her. Fucked her perfect cunt. He didn’t hear the dark haired girl creep close, creep up, brushing her cheek over the fallen blonde’s breast, brushing her fingertips up through the hair on his chest. She watched him, become absorbed by him, felt the blonde shudder beneath her. She wet the girl’s lips with her own but kept her eyes on his. He glared back at her open-mouthed, glared back even as he came, looked at her hungrily even after he withdrew, wistfully as she glanced back, walking back along the pier.

     And there wasn’t time to let him have her too, but she thinks about that moment, sometimes. The moment when he looked at me, inside somebody else.


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  1. Gorgeous Picture of Bjork!


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