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The Argument against Evolution

April 6, 2008


Mr. C: Do you speak English? Me: Yes, I do. Mr. C: So what does “misology” mean? Me: I don’t know. Mr C: Ha! Then you don’t speak English! Me: (confused) Umm…I don’t follow you. Mr C: (Triumphant) You don’t know what misology means, therefore you don’t speak English. Me: No, hang on…What does misology […]

More God Stuff: Happy Atheist’s Day!

April 4, 2008


Happy Atheist’s Day! « Fisher of Men  Interesting little discussion on God and Atheism on this little blog if God and Atheism are your cup of tea…(Click the link above…Or just pray and wait for God to do it for you).

Do you believe in miracles?

March 22, 2008


A blog I happened to stumble upon  Atheists: Can You Discount Every Single Testimony of Miracles and Answered Prayers? The following are deemed to be miracles by the blogger. He asks “Can the atheist or naturalist who deny the existence of God or supernatural phenomena claim that every single of these testimonies is false or mistaken, […]

We Need More Faith!

March 20, 2008


 Here’s what I’d like to hear real Christians say: “I know God is stronger than the Devil and I have faith in my children to see the truth and faith in my God to show them!” A statement like that would show everyone how utterly certain you are in the realness of God! Sadly, there […]

Questions for Christians

March 20, 2008


I have a genuine interest in trying to understand and would be very grateful to any Christians who might be able to help. I have a few questions in particular to which I’ve never heard a satisfactory answer. Feel free to answer any or all and thankyou very much for any comments you do decide […]

An Atheist’s Heaven

March 19, 2008


So there’s this book, a big one, and it comes with a big comfy chair. And the big, big book has everything! Every teeny-weeny detail ever. But more than that, every detail is about you. Every moment of your life described from every single angle. Every utterance you ever made, every twist and turn of […]

God doesn’t need evidence

March 19, 2008


“The Bible is the word of God. Why? Because, the Bible says that the Bible is the word of God”. There is no evidence , there is only faith, and so good Christians may proudly state: “I believe in something for which there is absolutely no evidence”. What about Evolution? Sure, it’s a cumulative process which […]