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An Atheist’s Heaven

March 19, 2008


So there’s this book, a big one, and it comes with a big comfy chair. And the big, big book has everything! Every teeny-weeny detail ever. But more than that, every detail is about you. Every moment of your life described from every single angle. Every utterance you ever made, every twist and turn of […]

Stolen Quotes

February 21, 2008


  “The Problem with the World is not that everyone sees things differently, but that everyone thinks everyone sees things the same” “We don’t see the World as it is, We see it as we are”                                                                                       Anais Nin  “If it be now, ’tis not to come; if it be not to come, it will […]

An UnQuiet Mind

January 31, 2008


Dwelling in a hovel, paying rent to a slug. I never expected to be living the dream, but even the dream where I go to work naked and get eaten by my childhood rabbit would be preferable to the reality right now. I really hope reincarnation is real. I promise not to fuck the next […]