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Gulf Coast Oil Disaster Caused By Environmentalists

August 30, 2010


According to 10% of Americans those individuals most concerned with protecting the environment pumped 4.9 million barrels of crude oil into the ocean. The basis for this conclusion is the following: No evidence whatsoever! The conclusion also lacks a plausible motive or any explanation as to how the outcome was achieved. So far we have “evidence” […]

Thankyou Sarah Palin

November 8, 2008


If I believed in a benevolent God I’d probably thank her for Sarah Palin. Contrary to popular belief there are a number of sane Republicans who may have considered voting for McCain had it not been for the possibility of an ill-informed moose hunter becoming the President. Even McCain aides have started to reveal the fear that […]

Oba-Mania & Mr. McSame

November 3, 2008


It’s got to feel pretty terrible to potentially kill your nephew’s chances of the White House, a feeling I can well understand. Hard it will be for me to forget the horror of vomiting at my little nieces nativity play. The shocked intake of breathe and “Is that your Auntie Lucy over there covered in sick?” comments from […]

President Obama/President McCain

July 19, 2008


After enthusiasticaly voting for the chance to have a black President, Americans now seem to have cooled on the idea of actually having one. That said, Mr Obama hardly helped his cause this week. For what the thoughts of a slightly tipsy Brit matter, I thought the New Yorker cover was quite blah. It mocked […]

Body of a Swan, Head of a Vulture

March 19, 2008


Anne Coulter – enriches every debate like a turd in a water-cooler. Has there ever been a more wretched mis-use of oxygen? I don’t want to bash America – it’s the land of the free and free re-fills after all – but surely something is broken somewhere when people buy her books? Shampoo commercials, possibly – I do feel […]

American Idol: Road to the White House

January 8, 2008


     The race for the White House is absolutely gripping, already, and I’m not even American. I don’t know if politics is becoming more like reality tv, or vice-versa, but if young people are to be encouaged to vote it wouldn’t seem a bad idea to put them all inside a big brother style house […]