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Gulf Coast Oil Disaster Caused By Environmentalists

August 30, 2010


According to 10% of Americans those individuals most concerned with protecting the environment pumped 4.9 million barrels of crude oil into the ocean. The basis for this conclusion is the following: No evidence whatsoever! The conclusion also lacks a plausible motive or any explanation as to how the outcome was achieved. So far we have “evidence” […]

Thankyou Sarah Palin

November 8, 2008


If I believed in a benevolent God I’d probably thank her for Sarah Palin. Contrary to popular belief there are a number of sane Republicans who may have considered voting for McCain had it not been for the possibility of an ill-informed moose hunter becoming the President. Even McCain aides have started to reveal the fear that […]

Body of a Swan, Head of a Vulture

March 19, 2008


Anne Coulter – enriches every debate like a turd in a water-cooler. Has there ever been a more wretched mis-use of oxygen? I don’t want to bash America – it’s the land of the free and free re-fills after all – but surely something is broken somewhere when people buy her books? Shampoo commercials, possibly – I do feel […]