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The Eyes on the Train

January 16, 2008


The tall dark-haired beauty had glided down the escalator, weaved snakelike through the crowd, irritated by each of the little people endlessly surrounding her. Public transport was unfamiliar to her, she was used to taking taxis, yet despite the crowd she was able to avoid the usual bumps and sidesteps. Confidence in her beauty empowered […]

Commuter Dating

January 10, 2008


You’re sitting on the London to Newcastle train late at night, you’re tired and the train is almost deserted. It slowly crawls into Peterborough station, and you stare through the black window into the dim gloom. You hear the sound of paper bags rustling and glance up. I just got on board, tall, slim, long […]

Before the Great Leap Backward…

January 3, 2008


A small stuffy staff room in a ragtag rundown school. Two wandering souls sat either side of a rickety table on it’s last (and presumably) only legs. The sounds of scribbling filling the room. The one in the cheap slap looks up. “You’re definately off then?” The back of the chair creaks absorbing her weight […]

Bag Lady Gone Glam Badly

December 31, 2007


She was hiding in her own shadow, that’s how I remember her. Ashen-faced and cold,¬†which I know because she touched me. And it was strange, because it didn’t feel strange, and I wouldn’t ever usually let anyone touch me, let alone a someone like that. I couldn’t see the barman because the bar was too […]